I’m Rodney, Rodney-Ray Poindexter and I had this great idea to do a satirical blog about a small touristy town in Provence in the hope that nobody but myself would ever understand it, partly because it’s written in English, mainly because it doesn’t make much sense anyway, damn the sticky green weed.  I do think its a darned good idea though, more people should do it. Do it more sensibly. My neighbors, Steve and Jad have kindly agreed to contribute, Steve  even has a mirror over at Collobrieres dot org , Jad is an asshole.

I first ran into Steve the day he accosted me quite unexpectedly in the street: “Oi! That’s my shirt!” It was true I was wearing one of a selection of freshly pressed and rather lovely shirts that I had found by the dumpster, left there it turns out by Mrs. Steve. She must be retarded.

Jad lives across the street from me, about four meters away and in the summer he never closes his windows, so I have gotten to know him quite intimately. I have all his credit card details, repeated loud and monotonous over the phone to some outsourced dream seller. I have recorded each and every cheap insult he has exchanged with his wife Cynthia and I know he is learning Spanish: listen to Estoban and repeat,  Yo soy su hermano y estoy en pijama.

Why do I call him Jad?  Good question. Long ago he had a father for whom I cared for not a lot, His son to me was just Junior, yet my wife thought  I was being too kind, “He’s a total Asshole Rodney”.   “Mummy!” my daughter chipped in affronted, “Rude, rude, he’s nothing more than a Dickhead”. So there you have it Junior Asshole Dickhead: JAD.

Anyway, the three of us have become sort of friends, Steve is a California dreamer, I was born in New Mexico but from Irish, Dutch and  British descent and Jad is an asshole.

Together we are  The Idiot Bastard Sons Of Anarchy. You won’t find us on Facebook